Earplugs Medium


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happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs
  • One pair of earplugs size M and a storage case.

    "Best earplugs for sleeping" - Forbes
    "The Best Bet" - New York Magazine
    "A must-have accessory" - The Times

    Product details

    Comfortable, particularly during sleep
     Discreet while in use
     Reusable (2-3 months when used daily)
    • Durable & non-toxic
     Material: FDA approved hypoallergenic soft silicone
    • Made in Sweden
    • Maintenance: Clean with soap and warm water

    Attenuation (reduction in volume):
    High: 26 dB 
    Medium: 23 dB 
    Low: 22 dB 
    SNR: 25 dB 

    About the brand

    With no filters or mechanics, Happy Ears has designed a reusable earplug with the most even "attenuation". Happy Ears even attenuation means volume is reduced evenly across frequencies (low to high), leaving users with a natural sound in their ear versus the muffled or "muddy" sound offered by other earplugs. Happy Ears reduce total volume by 25 dB. Some earplugs reduce total volume more, but that doesn't mean they're better earplugs.

    Happy Ears even attenuation means you can sleep, but hear your alarm in the morning, attend a concert and experience the best sound quality (at a lower volume), ride a motorcycle and safely "hear" the road, travel by plane or train with less stress on your ears or work in an open office space with less irritating background noise while maintaining the ability to communicate with a colleague next to you.


  • Medium fits most normal ear sizes.
    See average split among users for your reference: 
     Small earplugs: 20% of users
     Medium earplugs: 60% of users
     Large earplugs: 20% of users  

    If you use in-ear headphones they correlate to Happy Ears earplugs sizes. For example S in earbud size equals S in Happy Ears. 



happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs
happy ears earplugs